De-littering the Northwest Branch

The beginning


The cleanup had the enthusiastic assistance of a group of White Oak Middle schoolers, as well as adults who use the trail.  After signing in, they choose gloves and bags provided by Montgomery Parks.

The triumphant conclusion


 After 2 hours' work, some of the 30 participants show off their 12 bags of trash and 13 bags of recyclables.  Some plastic bottles are too dirty to recycle, but many can be.  Amazingly, litterers usually carefully put the caps back on before tossing! 

NW Branch Cleanups from the Archives

Interesting find at Burnt Mills


Pterosaurs evidently went extinct rather recently and can still be found when we do cleanups.

Burnt Mills 2013


Board member Suzanne Donohue and Carolyn Hush pull trash from the NWB.


Navigating the boulders, handing up the litter.