About Us

The Neighbors of the Northwest Branch is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization, incorporated in 2003 in the state of Maryland. We are a local, citizen-based action group dedicated to restoring the health of the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River so that this urban treasure can be safely enjoyed by wildlife, our families, and generations to come.

So what exactly do we do? We


 (1) take direct action such as removing litter along the Northwest Branch, planting trees, and removing invasive plants in the stream valley;  

(2) engage our neighbors in the effort to reduce pollution and rapid storm water runoff into the Northwest Branch through conservation landscaping;  

(3) assess the water’s health by regular monitoring of the bugs and larvae able to survive there;  

(4) advocate as appropriate for the Northwest Branch and water quality in general.    


Our Board

Following board election of officers on May 1, 2019, our officers are:

President: Laura Turbe

Vice President: vacant

Secretary: Maurie Kathan

Treasurer:  Larry Hush 

The May 1 meeting marked the transition of our long-serving board members to new roles as they reached board and officer term limits.  They now have an opportunity to support the mission of NNWB through concentration in strategic areas such as Outreach and Advocacy as committee chairs. 

NNWB Meeting Minutes

NNWB_Minutes_Nov2019R (pdf)


Dec 5 Board minutes 2018 (pdf)


Sept 5 Board minutes 2018 (pdf)


April 4 Board minutes 2018 (pdf)


NEIGHBORS 2018-01-03 (pdf)