Burnt Mills site

12 volunteers plus leader Larry Hush collected 4 bags of recyclables, 6 of trash,

one truck tire tread, a large metal sign, and part of a fishing rod.  Big thanks to all who participated!  See the photo gallery below.

W. Hyattsville Metro Site

12 volunteers, 34 bags of trash, 42 of recycling, 2 bikes, 2 bike tires, 2 car tires, 1 fire hose,

an air mattress in a  tree and a stereo.   The team also found a shopping cart in the bank but could not get it out.  And leader Maurie Kathan pulled 3 bags of invasive garlic mustard.   Not a bad morning's work!  Thanks to all involved!

For more information on RainScapes

--what they are, why convert a portion of your yard, and what financial assistance is available, go to the Montgomery County RainScapes website linked here.

NNWB testimony for bills in the 2018 Maryland General Assembly

Several bills relevant to our work are in the 2018 General Assembly.  By a vote of the board, we are testifying for two: A ban on use and sale of expanded polystyrene (foam) food service products, and ban on use of state funds for synthetic playground and athletic field surfaces.

Recent Event: "Sense of Wonder" virtual bird walk, Feb. 7, 2018

A group of over 20 participants were treated to a sight-sound match of birds and their songs, along with interesting information about the birds' habits and talents.  Many of these birds are ones we can expect to see on our outdoor bird walk April 7, 9 a.m., Burnt Mills dam.