Our Work

Clean Ups

Participants pose with bags of litter--trash and compostables--from along the NW Branch.

Neighbors remove litter from the NW Branch spring and fall, improving its health and restoring its beauty.  Transparent bags hold recyclables.

Plants / Invasives and Natives


The NNWB participates in the Montgomery County Parks Dept. Weed Warrior Program to remove non-native invasive plants and replace non-native with native plants.

Stream Monitoring

NNWB Water Quality Team members at winter invertebrate collection.

As one of the teams of the ANS stream monitoring program we assemble during each season of the year to collect and identify what lives on the bottom of the NW Branch.  What we find indicates how healthy the stream is, by determining how well it can support a variety of invertebrates.



Many actions of the Planning Board, the Parks Dept., county and state regulatory bodies, and county councils (Montgomery and Prince George's) affect the Northwest Branch and overall water quality. As appropriate, we weigh in, alert others to the threats, and urge action.

Education and Outreach

Education event in the Rachel Carson House in the NW Branch watershed.

We hold educational meetings roughly 4 times a year, encourage participation in events sponsored by others, sponsor educational hikes, and spread the message of stream protection by tabling at related events and presenting at neighborhood meetings.

Conservation Landscaping

Conservation landscaping.

The key to reducing the surge of water into the NW Branch is to infiltrate much of it.  We encourage conservation landscaping and participate in building it when possible.

Short Term Projects

Amphibian and Reptile Monitoring


As volunteers for the Maryland Amphibian and Reptile  Atlas (MARA) survey, several of us documented what we found in a sector of the NW Branch Watershed